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When I first moved to NYC on my own in a U-Haul in 1994, only one friend and my mom helped pack, carry and get settled in my new apartment. It was then I wanted nothing more than to make my parents proud and be successful.

We recently saw the release of this year’s National rankings of real estate professionals. Not only was my team on it but we were among the Top 25 in the country and Top 5 in New York State. I’ve always been one of the last ones picked for teams and never been Mr. Popular, yet with hard work, honesty, humility and my own brand of humor, we have continued to stay among the very best. It’s a mindset thing that enables us to conquer the peaks in life. What enables the Spud Webb’s, Allen Iverson’s and Nate Robinson’s to go against the very best in the NBA? It’s belief in one’s self, not backing down and hard work.

This business has enabled countless dreams to come true starting with the incredibly dynamic people I’ve met and had the opportunity to represent. From Asia to Europe, South America, Africa, Canada, Mexico and every state in the union. This includes captains of industry, religious institutions and Kingdoms.

Sometimes even I still can’t believe little Joshy, the college dropout, is in this position. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity and trust our clients place in us and that of my team for believing in my vision. I’m even more grateful for Kathy and our kids for supporting me and inspiring me to be the best version of myself every day. Here’s to continued success!

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Josh Rubin, attributes his success to his exceptionally strong work ethic and quick response time with sellers and buyers alike. Josh's strategy of treating every deal as if it were the GM building has paid off handsomely with some of his largest referrals originating with his smallest transactions. His relationships begin with intent listening to someone's needs, then progresses with Josh as the bottom-line educator throughout the transaction process. Leaving no stone unturned, and no question unanswered, he focuses thoroughly on his client's individual objectives, and continually strives to provide accurate information, sound advice, and well-targeted results. Originally from Philadelphia, after attending the Tyler School of Art there, Josh came to New York with energy and enthusiasm, which he maintains today. Finding great joy in enabling people to reach their goals, Josh was able to find real estate as a career at a fairly young age. With over a decade of experience in residential sales, he has developed a keen marketing savvy and a long track record of negotiating successful terms for his clients. Consistently a top producing agent, Josh was recently named among the top 1% of all real estate brokers nationwide. Recent clients had this to say about Josh: "We were both so surprised at how easy Josh made the process. " "Over the years I have worked with different brokers as I bought and sold properties. I can honestly say I was never as impressed with any broker as Josh. " "My husband and I enjoyed working with Josh, particularly his market knowledge and commitment and his lightening-fast responsiveness. " Assertive yet patient, perseverant yet sure of when to step back, Josh works long and hard to attain people's trust, and then reward their confidence with the best possible outcome. The father of Leigha, Max and Sarah, Josh enjoys music, dancing, art, skiing and travel. Contact Josh with all your real estate needs

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